Naturist: a gnome for modern living


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A hand-made naked pink naturist for decorating your home or garden*  Each one is numbered and signed on the back of its sock.

Please note that each Naturist is hand made so whilst yours will look pretty much like the one in the picture, each one is slightly different and unique.  Just like real naturists.   If you have any special requests for your naturist (e.g. skin tone, sock style) then please add a note to your order.

Each Naturist is made to order and will take up to 1 week to cut, paint, varnish, dry and imbue with astonishing beauty.  I will endeavour to get it to you as soon as possible

(Approximately 54 x 40cm)

*Although the naturist is varnished, no extensive weather-proof testing has been completed.  So if you are going to keep yours in the garden, maybe bring it in if it rains or snows.  Just like you would with a real naturist.