@stevexoh is a UK based artist who also does weird conceptual art projects, talks and workshops. He has sold his work across 5 continents and exhibited alongside the likes of Pablo Picasso and David Shrigley. He is at his best when he isn’t quite sure what he is doing.


E-mail: stevexoh@gmail
Instagram: @stevexoh
Twitter: @stevexoh


Where are you based?
In the UK, just south of London. All orders are packaged and sent from “THE ART BUNKER”, my tiny studio at the end of my garden.

What are shipping times for orders?
I’m a bit OCD and hate having orders hanging around so I try to process them ASAP. They’re usually done within 24 hours unless they are bespoke products that I actually have to make. I’m a one-man-shop so if I’m away working there’ll obviously be a slight delay. In summary, I aim for 24-48 hours but it might take up to a week if I’m away.

When will I get my stuff?
I send the majority of stuff via Royal Mail, with a few exceptions for bigger items. For Royal Mail shipments 1st class items should be within 1-2 days of posting, 2nd class between 3-7 days of posting. BUT I’ve learnt over the years this can vary hugely. Sadly I have no control over this. International orders are also shipped Royal Mail. Check out their website to get a sense of delivery times. Irrelevant of where you are in the world you will get an e-mail from the shop when your order has been posted. Where relevant I’ll also send you tracking info.

Where do you ship to and how much does international shipping cost?
I try to ship everywhere but am constrained by the services available.   I regularly ship to EUROPE, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND.  I have also shipped to any country where Royal Mail have an international service but the reliability of this is really dependent on the local mail service which can be a bit hit and miss in some places.   For larger items I may use a courier service.   If you see something you like and are not in the countries listed above then drop me an e-mail and we can work something out.  In terms of cost, I add no additional charges to postage so you pay what it costs me.  The postal costs are displayed in your basket before checkout.

Why are some products sold by other people?
I’m a one-man band with no storage space or finances to hold stock of lots of items.  Whilst I hold stock of my prints, artwork, badges (etc) some other items such as t-shirts and some posters/stickers are too expensive to hold large amounts of.  So I’ve partnered with some other’s who sell, produce and despatch these items for me (Such as Objectables, RedBubble, MildWestHeroes, TeeMill).   When you click to buy these items you will be taken to their websites to complete the purchase.

Do you do commissions?
Yes and no. I don’t like commissions that are overly specific (i.e. draw a bagpipe playing bulldog on a bike who is clearly in Paris in the spring.) But if you have some general ideas or themes then drop me an e-mail and we can explore. I do lots of custom spray cans as well as imperfect portraits.

I’ve seen something on your Instagram that isn’t in the shop. How can I get it?
Best thing is to e-mail me. I get lots of requests for stuff but also don’t want to overcrowd the shop. If you want an original then I’ll see if I’ve got it. If you’d like a print that isn’t on offer then I should be able to sort out a non-limited-edition print.

Can I book you to do a talk/workshop/podcast/interview?
Yes. Send me an e-mail. You can see a selection of previous stuff I’ve done here.

I saw somewhere that you also do writing, coaching, workshops and other stuff.  Where can I find out more about all of that?
Have a look at www.canscorpionssmoke.com to find out more about other things I get up to.

Stevexoh?  What’s all that about and how do I pronounce it?
Pronounce it however you like. Here’s the origin story.

Your website looks cool/sick/splendid/bonzer – how did you do it?
It’s as a result of an artistic partnership between me and Matt at Rocket Sites.  I designed and drew it, Matt coded it and made it happen.

I’ve a question that isn’t answered above. What on earth do I do?
Send me an e-mail.