What the February?! THE BOOK


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From 2020-2023 artist @stevexoh set the people of Instagram a weird and wonderful daily challenge to celebrate the wonkiest month of the year.

Hundreds of people from around the world took part in “What the February?!” and undertook challenges that involved drawing, painting, songwriting, poetry, dance, movement, social experiments and other strange and unusual tasks.

This book is a compilation of challenges from the four years of #WTFEB presented for the first time as an ultimate compendium of wonkiness that can be used any time the reader feels like they want to tap into that weird, creative genius within them.  (Note: the challenges work in every month, not just February)

“I look forward to WTFEB every year, thank goodness it is now in book form.”
Comedian, improviser, author

Sheer entertainment.  I don’t think you actually have to do the challenges to love this book.”
Author, journalist, speaker

“This man is starting a movement. And whilst i don’t necessarily want to be part of it, I definitely want front row seats.”
Author, cult leader, playwright

Challenges that hold the door open to a constantly surprising and generous world, where everybody can roam about willy-nilly enjoying their own weird creative instincts.”
Surrealist comedian

Paperback 198 x 130mm
300gsm colour cover
115 pages (60 colour, 55 black/white)
Contains 108 individual challenges on individual pages accompanied by the original WTFEB artwork
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