Can Scorpions Smoke? Creative Adventures in the Corporate World



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Steve’s first book published in 2014 about creativity in the corporate world that aims to provide no concrete answers but provoke plenty of lifelong questions.  Steve says “I’d write a totally different book to this nowadays but people still seem to like this one so I haven’t bothered.”

“One of the most refreshing, creative and provocative books I’ve read in a long time” Stephen D’Souza.  Author of Not Knowing and Not Doing

“This writing is for those of us struggling in a world that is asking for more creativity and less risk at the same time. Keep it by you” Khurshed Denhugara.  Author of The Challenger Spirit, Flawed but Willing and 100 mindsets of Challenger Leaders

“Very interesting.  I laughed a lot and admired the panache of the writing.” Tim Smit.  Founder of The Eden Project


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