It’s a weird time we’re all living through at the moment. But when the world turns weird, the weird turn pro. (And, as all my speaking gigs and workshop have been cancelled I also need earn some money!) So I’ve scoured the studio for all of the original drawings of my recent posts and am offering them up for sale. These are the originals! These are the actual bits of paper that I sat down and drew on with a Posca pen before scanning and tarting them up for posting. Once they’re gone they’re gone*. So if you’ve got a favourite post of mine you can now hang it on your wall.

A few things…

• The shop will be updated with new stock of the previous week’s artwork every Thursday lunchtime BST
• I want these to be valued but affordable so they are all priced exactly the same at £15 with free worldwide postage. Some older pieces are available at £12
• Please note that I have to sometimes digitally change the layout of the original ever so slightly to format it to an Instagram square. Wherever there are
little modifications I have listed them on the item description. The sizes of each original drawing vary but I’ve listed dimensions for each one.
• I had a crap batch of paper that had some weird dents (not quite creases) in it. A couple of pieces were drawn on this – these pieces have been reduced to
£9. Same for any pieces with smudges (etc) on them.
• If there are any other posts you like but can’t see here then drop me an e-mail and I’ll see if I still have the original.

NOTE RE SHIPPING: The COVID-19 advice and restrictions are ever changing and I’ll do my best to get your art to you ASAP (I’ve a huge stock of stamps and envelopes so need to go to Post Office) but things may take longer than normal. If the postal service stops or becomes restricted for any reason I’ll keep your piece safe for you and post when services resume.

You can see my main shop HERE and buy t-shirts, posters, wooden dogs and all sorts of other stuff.

Thanks as always for supporting my work. I very much appreciate it.

* There is only one original but I reserve the right to make replica prints of the images.