The Instagram Art Shop was a pop-up experiment that I started just as the 2020 Covid pandemic began to spread and lockdowns emerged around the world.  I started it to give me something to do and to allow people to buy affordable art from my Instagram posts. to bring a bit of lightness and love into their lives.

Over 16 weeks over 200 pieces of art were sold and shipped around the world.   And, as I believe impermanence is of such importance to creativity and I like all of my projects to end well the Instagram Art Shop closed its doors at 5pm on Wednesday 8th July 2020 at the peak of its popularity.

My main shop remains open as it has done since 2015 and you can buy various bits and pieces there.  If you’ve spotted something on my Instagram feed that you like then DM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Will the Instagram Art Shop ever come back?  I’ve no idea.

Thank you to everyone who bought stuff.  It has been so much more fun than I anticipated.


PS: Here’s all the pieces that were purchased…